(An Introduction )

A Basic Introduction

Transsexual (TS) - a person is transsexual if they suffer so severely from gender dysphoria that they are unable to adapt with any degree of comfort to living in the gender in which they were born and brought up.

 These individuals may be biologically male but identify themselves as female (often referred to as male-to-female, M2F, or trans-to-female, T2F) or biologically female but identifying as male (female-to-male, F2M, or trans-to-male, T2M); however, male-to-female is more common than female-to-male.

Transsexual people themselves often say that they feel like "A woman trapped in a man's body" (or vice versa).

Medical help for such people usually takes the form of psychiatric care, hormone therapy to bring their hormone balance into accordance with their perceived gender, and where possible, surgery to alter their bodies (including the genitals) to conform to the gender in which they regard themselves as belonging.

Transition - the process by which a transsexual person is reassigned to their perceived rather than their birth gender.

A Footnote:

It is suggested that partners of transsexuals read the other sections, many transsexuals identify as being tranvestite before they finally confront their transsexuality. This does not mean to say that all transvestites will become transsexual, far from it! However many basic behaviours, especially in terms of cyclic dressing and purging, remain relevant and are often displayed by transsexuals.

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