About the Site.

This is a group predominantly for female partners of transgendered people; as such we want to create a safe enviroment where hopefully people can come to a better understanding of what it means to have a trans partner, whether that partner be tv, tg or ts or any point in between.

Having said that, the main bulk of this site is open for anyone to view. We have had great responses from transgendered people, who are finding the site useful both themselves and with their partners. We are here for everyone and only ask that the small members area is kept soley for the use of female partners. We can be contacted via the contact page, and are happy to recieve mail from anyone who needs our help.

If you want to move forward with your partner into the wider community, our links page, which incidentally is in no particular order, and is by no means exhaustive, will hopefully provide you with a group near you where you may both go, or with information and support beyond what we are able to offer here.

If you can't cope in your present relationship, we will support you and hopefully give you the advice you need to make informed and sound decisions.

If you're here to make friends with people in the same situation as you that's great.

We differ very slightly from other places, as whilst trans people themselves are not permitted access to members only areas, we have asked the wider community for input, so you may read, for example, a personal account of how a break up has affected a trans person in respect of their children and other aspects.

With this in mind, we are fortunate enough to have several trans people, who work for various organisations, whom we ask, on occasion, to access the whole site to ensure information we give is up to date and accurate. This will not compromise any member at any time.

We dont want to deal in assumption, but in facts; you will get honest answers here and we are grateful to the wider community and those trans and non-trans people who have given us advice, information and support, that everyone may learn.

Sometimes we may not have the answers, but we will endeavour to find out anything that is asked of us in a confidential way. This is only made possible by retaining the support of the wider community and accurately portraying their position.

Everyone's reality is different, but there will always be someone here who will help you as best they can. We firmly believe that where you get support isn't nearly as important as getting the right kind of support for you. With that in mind, there is no one person here who is any better than anyone else. Please feel free to use the site as you wish, there are the outlines of forums and a basic chat room, or if you just want a quiet read that's fine too.

We hope you'll find the site useful and informative, and that whatever your personal circumstances, you will leave with a greater understanding of transgendered people and new insights into yourself, your partner and your relationship.



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