Counselling links

This page contains links to various counsellors who have experience of gender dysphoria in its many guises. It should be noted that Transpartners is not affiliated with any specific group or counsellor. We therefore will not be held responsible for the quality of services offered. We neither push towards nor advocate any specific service offered below.

We would also like it noted that we as a group offer both counselling and befriending services to members and non members alike, outside of our public forum, and strictly via personal request. Should anyone wish to use our services, please complete the contact form which can be found on the contact page or click the link for our e mail address.


Tina Livingstone is a well respected gender counsellor working in the South of England. She is a founder member of 'Depend', the support group for the partners of transsexuals. Tina has also recently started a Facebook group for the partners of transpeople, and details can be found on her home page. Please click the sun logo to the left for further information.

Transliving is a non profit making organisation which is self funding. They offer both free (via a helpline) and paid counselling services with approved and qualified people specifically trained to deal with the problems of those with gender dysphoria and their partners. Everyone at transliving has direct experience of trans problems. Click on the Transliving banner above, to be taken to the site.

Kenneth Demsky is a trustee of The Beaumont Trust, who also works as a counsellor in London. He has many years experience in gender issues. Kenneth may be contacted by clicking the banner above which links directly to his website.

Clicking on the banner above will take you to the NuWei site which offers life coaching and self dicovery workshops in the York area. These activities are run by a member of the Gender Trust who has a vast wealth of experience in transgendered matters.

For those who fancy a weekend or mid week break in a trans friendly enviromnent, details can be found by contacting NuWei. Breaks are available with or without a friendly ear thrown in !

Pink Therapy is the UK's largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients. As an organisation we aim to promote high quality therapy and training services for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and others who identify as being gender or sexual diversities. We adopt a sexuality-affirmative stance and do not see sexual or gender variation as a sickness. Our Therapists have many years' experience of working with sexual diversity clients and are often involved in teaching and training other therapists on these issues, in this country and abroad. Please use our directory and tell others about us!