Dressing for Fun / Dressing for Kicks

Dressing for fun !

There are many different reasons for dressing.

Men who don't suffer from gender dysphoria, but who nevertheless like to dress as women, or in certain bits of female attire, do so for various different reasons.

For some it is simply a stress release, for some the feel of or attraction to a specific garment. For some it centres around one thing - silk underwear, for example. For some it can be for comfort, others may make it an art form or use dressing to create a persona and make a living from this - such as Barry Humphries' Dame Edna Everage, Danny La Rue and RuPaul. Some are straight, some are gay, some are bi sexual, as individual as any other group of people in any walk of life.

There is often an uncomplicated side to dressing that can be all too easily forgotten; some men who dress do it simply because they want to and because they enjoy it. No hidden desires for illicit sexual relations, no desire to change sex, sometimes even no desire to go out or be seen, but just to be dressed, for a while, in whatever you fancy without being told you're some kind of weirdo or freak.

This more simple side of dressing can still be confusing to a partner who is unfamiliar with the concept. Yet to some degree this innocent and simplistic view is the easiest to understand and live with. For those whose partners dress simply for fun, many have found it to be a shared experience, something that sometimes enhances their love life and sometimes is just a social thing where they go out together with him dressed.

The biggest factor in enjoying this type of dressing, it has been said, is the knowledge that the male remains and the cross-dressing is but a small part of life. It isn't the sort of thing that needs to be explained or qualified to other family members or children but can remain as a private thing shared between the two of you and as and when you want.

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Crossdressing fun with the girls.....

The younger generation have a much more liberal view of cross dressing,
Crossdressing for fun !!
The son of a site member.


Dressing for kicks......

Dressing for kicks is something that is worthy of a small mention. Some men have recurrent, intense and sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors which involving cross-dressing. These fantasies, behaviors and urges may occasionally cause significant distress or problems in social, occupational, relationship or other important areas of normal function. Such men are referred to as 'fetishistic transvestites', although their behaviour is not true transvestism and should properly be called "fetishistic cross-dressing".

These men dress only for sexual gratification and most of them can go through life happily in control, without having any need of help. They embrace their cross-dressing 'as is' and do not want or need to alter. Others find that their dressing becomes all consuming, an addiction almost, which requires outside help for them to regain control in everyday life.

When someone dresses for kicks, they may be turned on by specific things, items of clothing, underwear, uniforms or outfits. This may involve role play, perhaps for example someone who enjoys dressing as a French maid, or enjoys bridal wear, and some who move towards the BDSM scene or into forced feminisation. Whilst i appreciate that this is not completely correct, it is intended as an overview. Without going into lots of detail about things and subjugated activities, we don't really need, for purposes of the site, to go into this in any great detail, save to say that if you have a partner who enjoys such pursuits, more information can be found in various other places. we will work on some specific links at a later date.

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