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A Police funded website for the reporting of Hate crime with a section specifically 'STOPPING hate crime against the LGBT community' (covers England)

Victim Support is the national charity which helps people affected by crime in England and Wales. We give free and confidential support to help you deal with what you've been through as a victim or witness, whether or not you report the crime to the police.

Relate for counselling, individual or couples

Gianna Israel gender library, a huge information resource.

Shelter housing issues website

Refuge and Woman's aid joint website for women who need assistance.

The Gender Trust website, largest UK Charity helping transgendered people and their families.


Gender Identity Research and Education Society. Educating about gender issues.

Gender, Education and Advocacy website

Press for Change has been doing soild work in the area of trans rights and have been instrumental in bringing about new legislation for trans people. They offer good and sound advice for everyday problems one might encounter such as discrimination in the workplace.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance aims to improve the lives and experiences of all transgender people living in Scotland.

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