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'Crosslynx' is a local support group for Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgendered people, meeting in Glasgow on the second wednesday of every month crosslynx covers Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Although not many partners frequent the group at this time, we are assured they are more than welcome. To link to the crosslynx homepage click on the logo.

Outskirts meet in central Birmingham twice a month.
A Social support group for trans people and their partners. Outskirts are always ready to welcome new faces and can be found on the web by clicking the banner opposite.

Transliving is a support and social organisation/ network for all trans people, their family and friends. Established in 1980 with a close knit friendly community feel, all are welcome both on forum website and to events that are organised throughout the year.
Many marriages have been saved through the extensive work given with partners and families in mind. Understanding the needs of both. The coordinator is a genetic female who has experienced life with a T person. Transliving International has much to offer in helping couples reach mutually acceptable compromises, or assisting if a relationship simply cannot survive.
Much has to be taken into consideration by the T person themselves in order to make things work. Many partners fear the unknown; with some guidance we have helped many come to terms with coping with a difference they did not expect to find within their relationship. Transliving are based in Essex.

Boston Belles, as well as meeting on every second friday each month throughout the year, provide a totally confidential support, help and advice service to all transgendered persons, their partners and families. Boston Belles have their own web page, where all relevent details can be found. Just click the banner.

Blackpool renaissance are a group of some eighteen years standing with regular meetings held in Blackpool at the The Gynway Hotel. Partners are assured a warm welcome. Overnight accomodation is available, but is best booked in advance. To learn more about this group click the banner to link :)

Based in Manchester, Northern Concorde has been working within the tg community for 20 + years and provides support and social events for Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals and their wives or partners.

Manchester Concord is a Transgender Social Group meeting on Wednesdays in the Rembrandt Hotel in Manchester, acting as a venue for transgendered people and their partners every week throughout the year.