A quick word about this section of the site. The site has been designed so that anyone who wishes to may view, as we firmly believe that through greater understanding everyone can benefit. However, this section of the site is intended solely for the use of natal female (ie non-transgendered) partners of transgendered people, to provide a place where they can talk confidentially about their experiences, problems and concerns. We ask that all those using the site respect this policy. Any person attempting to use these facilities who is found not to be a female partner will be removed and membership cancelled with immediate effect. We do not anticipate a problem with this; however the policy which is clearly visible to all, as above, is one of zero tolerance. Thanks. Membership acceptance is not automated and requires a human touch! Please note that you may have to wait until one of the team is able to authorise your membership. We endeavour to do this as quickly as possible, but usually it is not an instant thing.