Mission Statement

Transpartners UK -

Transpartners UK is a non profit making organisation, run by volunteers, which exists primarily to:-

Provide information, support and guidance, at a personal level, to the female wives and partners of Trans people who may be experiencing difficulties in understanding or dealing with any aspect of their partner's transgenderism;

Promote a better understanding of the difficulties experienced by the families of transgendered, transvestite and transsexual people (hereafter referred to as Trans people) and by Trans people themselves. We aim to be a resource for the further understanding of Trans people in everyday life;

Promote equality and diversity in order to further social acceptance and understanding of gender issues, especially with regard to the transgendered experience;

Work with the transgendered community, whenever possible, to promote better public understanding of gender issues through education.

Information is available for anyone to see and utilize. As everything we do is visible, we ask anyone using this site to respect our right to this space.


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