A Quick look at Spiritual Needs.

Sometimes it can be very hard for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) people to be accepted in the church that they may have grown up with. Some have been ostracised and suffer greatly on a personal level, by perceived conflict between their gender status, their sexuality and their faith. This also may have implications for other members of the family.

With that in mind, for those among you who are Christians and who may feel that your core beliefs are challenged, you may be able to take comfort in the following information regarding the Metropolitan Community Churches that are in existence up and down the country.

"The Metropolitan Community Church was founded in America in 1968 in order to provide a church home for those excluded from other churches. In particular we provide a spiritual home for those who were rejected due to gender identification or sexual orientation.

 We have had congregations in the UK since 1972 and have always included trans people in our life and ministry. "

The MCC welcomes everyone, you don't need to be transgendered to be accepted! But if you are, you most certainly won't be judged!

In the UK there are several MCC Churches and you can find details of and links to them below. MCC Manchester also run a Transgender discussion group, details of which can be found at the bottom of 'Get Local' page 1 :-




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