A Word on Site Definitions

We have included short definitions of terms used on this site and in the wider transgendered community, which we hope will be useful to partners who are venturing into a world which may be completely new to them.

A word about personal pronouns. In the transgendered community, it is the convention that a transvestite 'en femme' is referred to as 'she' rather than 'he'. A transsexual person should always be referred to using the personal pronoun appropriate for the gender with which they identify themselves, ie a M2F transsexual is always called 'she'. On our welcome page, and in most of the general articles, we have throughout used the personal pronoun 'he', despite the fact that if you have a M2F transsexual partner, the correct pronoun would be 'she'. This is for the sake of simplicity and because for those towards whom this site is directed, your own personal experience will probably be of your partner as a male. No offence is intended to transsexual people nor to those whose partners are transsexual.

Each section's main page contains definitions relevant to that section. Please note that while we have made these definitions as simple, accurate and representative as possible, and have as far as possible used the definitions most widely accepted within the community, all definitions may change over time and some individuals within the community may not fully agree with those we have used, however we thank them for their indulgence and understanding.

They are, for our purposes, essential terminology.

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